I'd like to show this to JackBiggin. (:

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  1. After Cow's head drop event:
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  2. I think we all want to take over EMC one day, pig.
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  3. I think that's very cute <3
    I personally think Jack is doing a great job, though I know he can a little stressed out at times at being a moderator (I think all the mods and admins have this...)
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  4. He was on my list.. ;)
  5. I was there lol, if you have a screenshot of 5 seconds later I told him that buying his head for 10k and wearing makes the feeling even better LOL xD
  6. When was the party?
  7. Hour and a half ago lol :p
  8. I MISSED IT?!?!
    I hate South Padrae!!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad:
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  9. :rolleyes:
  10. *South Padre Island*
    and that place is AWESOME! You should go paragliding :D
  11. (I went with my youthgroup)
    -Got sun burnt
    -Stayed up late last night because two kids were caught making out
    -Got chewed out for something i didn't do
    -Got into a car accident

    I really don't like South Padre Island
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  12. Meh, next time don't go with your youth group.
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  13. We're they paragliding while making out?
    Paragliding makes everything better O_O
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  14. Lol I was on smp1 when that was in the chat
  15. As a 15 year old, I cannot get my head around how Jack is so mature. A 15 year old has so many corrupting motivations and so few responsibilities, how on earth does he manage it?
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  16. Because...Jack is...A robot... :eek:
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  17. That would be a reasonable explanation...
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  18. No, Jacks just special :p
  19. No, he's a robot.
  20. A special robot :D