icredibly bad timing

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by killerbyte12, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. the servers just went offline as i died. Now everything i had will dissapear *sigh*
  2. INCREDIBLEY** (i think :p) im a fail atm.... :p
  3. Not really... It only despawns if someone is within that chunk... Cause I died 7k from spawn... Went all the way back... then found my stuff after 30 minutes of travelling!
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  4. What were u carrying?
  5. lol i i saw the server's start going down so i packed my stuff up and logged off =P
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  6. Heh; I'm half-way up a 100-tall tower ladder, holding on, over lots of lava.

    Note to self: remember to press SHIFT as soon as I rejoin

  7. I was sleeping while server went down. I have nothing to worry about ha ha. :rolleyes:
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  8. They only went down like 45 minutes ago :p
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  9. I was still in bed :D
  10. And they're still down* ;)
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  11. I saw =P Well now I can atleast clean my room, and take care of RL stuff. :)
  12. Just got out of bed. Hope it over soon :p
  13. What is this "Real Life" you speak of?
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  14. I think it was the life outside of Minecraft.

    -Lol somebody are addicted to this game :p
  15. *servers are down so goes outside*

    Oh my god! What is this gigantic blazing ball of yellow? And why do my eyes hurt when I look at it...