IcecreamCow's Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt (February 13th, 2014)

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  1. I will be there :p

    Edit first and i will watch the vid later at school, only came on for a sec before i catch the bus,
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  2. Lol I saw this on ICC's channel before I saw this on EMC xD
    Austraila: 11am Friday 14th
    EST: 5pm Thursday 13th
    CST: 6pm Thursday 13th
    Greenwhich/GMT 15th midnight

    Just a warning this may turn into a fight for survival :3
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    I might not make it. D:
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  3. That's midnight in UK time, looks like I'll be unable to attend :(
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  4. Midnight for Portugal, well, i guess ill have sneak my computer into my bedroom to attend the event tomorrow. :D
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  5. There better be cow shaped chocolates
  6. I uh....I DON'T KNOW HOW WOMAN!
  7. :) I can't wait! I hope I can make it and I hope once I get some of ICC heads I don't somehow die by creeper...
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  8. I'll be able to go luckily!
    School gets out early for me :)
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  9. I maybe won't be able to attend... :/
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  10. 12 pm -_-
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  11. I hate time zones. >.>
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  12. Midnight as always...:(
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  13. Its uhh actually 7pm for EST
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  14. ICC could all the people that cant attend get something for its kinda a bit unfair...:)
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  15. They'll probably be auctioned off eventually.
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  16. Unfortunately, there will always be "unfairness" to events since the entire world doesn't operate on the same time zone. We hold events on various days and various times and this one just happens to be at the time it is. Sorry.
  17. Alright i understand.
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