ICC Event Today

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by IcecreamCow, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Hey my little Cow Minions.

    I'll be doing an event of some sort today. Not sure what yet. Depends on the feels when it happens.

    When: ABOUT 10:20 pm CST

    Will make an annoucement sometime shortly before it starts on the servers and here.

    See ya then...whenever THEN is.
  2. I cannot wait for this event that we don't know about!
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  3. Thankfully it will be at that one time :p
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  4. Mob Arena + Firefloor Event + Spleef Arena <-- All at once.
  5. Mob death run :D
  6. Hope I can make it!
    *Also hope it ends in our fiery deaths:eek:*
    Thanks ICC!
  7. Somehow, I really want to see this happen lol

    You know you want to ICC :p
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  8. This sound great! (once we know what it is) and I'll be able to come :D
  9. Can't wait!
  10. woo can go to this one thanks IcC :)
  11. I hope spleef, or some minigame like from hypixel ( TNT run )
  12. It will not be TNT run, I can assure you that. It will be a simple event that was probably hosted by the staff before.
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  13. *prays it's after school*
  14. Bring back the nether spleef D:
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  15. I actually like fire floors - there is no prerequisites I need; I don't have to move things out of inventory ... I just get on mumble, get something to drink, and type /v firefloorarena :3
  16. Mmm... probably can't make it unless it's in five-six hours. :p But good luck to those who can make it! :D
    Hmmm... my colors are broken for now... Stupid computer. :p
  17. hope i can make it lol
  18. plz no mob arena, something else, idc what it is as long as it isn't mob arena :p
  19. Yes, let's do nothing!
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  20. Yaaaa! :D