ICC Event Today (Mob Arena)

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  1. Hey everyone!

    Big News!

    I have ordered wings from Pizza Hut!

    Okay! Okay!

    The news is, afterwards, when I'm done enjoying my foods, I'm going to hold some ICC events!

    It will at the very least start in the Mob Arena. Not sure if we'll go past that or not, but there will be prizes from the prize list forum!

    The main question that will be asked..."When will it start"

    Answer is: Later, when I'm done eating and maybe watching a few shows while I eat.

    Just know, it will be in the next few hours. See you then.
  2. Not first. Yay!
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  3. Second, and very excited :D
  4. Supposing there will be a server message then :D Thanks ICC! I will try to make it ;)
  5. This is why I worked on getting god armor...
  6. Wonder who the competition for mob arena will be :DDD came in 3rd due to connection loss D:
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  7. Why are we not amused?
  8. wow
    such cant be there
    many not amused
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  9. Sounds fun to me! I will actually attend! :p
  10. I think the prize should be that you order some chicken wings to be delivered to our house, free of charge :)
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  11. Not amused? D:
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  12. D: I'm gonna be asleep :(
  13. Woop Woop :D
  14. Try not to start till about 4:30 eastern please b/c I'm on the bus and like the last stop :p
  15. Wait for me!!!! I get home in 2 hours =)
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  16. ..I actually clicked on this
    because it looked like a link to somewhere. Ah well, I'll find amusement somewhere else :(
  17. First thing is first: We must no the details on the wings!
    Were they good?
    What Flavor?
    Spicy or Not-Spicy?
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  18. Hehehehe gonna hunker down in mob arena to make sure I don't miss it. :)