ICC Event Today (1/15/2014)

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  1. It's that time again.

    I'm going to go find some lunch and eat it. Probably while watching a show or two!

    Sometime after that, there will be some sort of ICC Event of Destruction.

    What: ICC Event Stuff

    When: Later

    See you then.
  2. First
    Edit: I'll be there :D
  3. Aw yis... I have stuff going tonight, but who knows? Maybe I'll still be able to get in a death or two. :)
  4. 3rd, i hope i dont get ninja'd :p
    Ill try to get there

    EDIT: Ill go with 4th then :p
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  5. Could it be a mob arena? :D
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  6. Time to play the waiting game and borderlands 2 to while am at it......
  7. god I love your humour ICC :D:D
  8. Have fun every body...count me out
  9. Can't come. Big time difference between USA and UK.
  10. Can it be a wild uber death, nobody gets out alive unless they are lucky type deal? :p Or a nether event, those used to be fun...
  11. or a mob arena :D those are fun
  12. nah, stew's computer sucks so much he dies in about 2 seconds in MA even with god armor...
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  13. if its anything like last time, I'm going to die, a lot,

    hopefully withers!
  14. Would it be any help to bring god armor? Never been to one of these. >.>
  15. time to play bros... if its mobarena i want to play another game :p only played once hope i dont die 2nd round... boss arena? never been there hope i do get to go there
  16. can we do somthing fun that doesnt hit the economy with a hammer. a cash prize wouldnt hurt but lets not give some people 20 nether stars when an event comes by its a bit rough for some lol
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  17. Cow... how big of a lunch do you have?!
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  19. This does not crash the economy at all. Imagine 50 withers dropping wither stars and xI_LIKE_A_PIGx swoops in and steals them. Uh oh, 100 enraged zombie kill him and blazes destroy the drops to taunt him. And, small chance of getting free diamond armor from dead people.