iBunk Radio Is Now Up!

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  1. Listen here for now: www.ibunkradio.listen2myradio.com

    Continue to send in suggestions. It's still in beginning process, so please be patient!

    WARNING: Some swearing may occur in the songs.
  2. Nirvana:
    Drain You
    About A Girl
    Pennyroyal Tea

    Neil Young:
    My My, Hey Hey
    Heart of Gold

    Loosing my Religion
  3. It's not bad actually :p I thought you were going to talk in between the songs as well
  4. I'm working on that now as we speak :)
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  5. Add the following artists, in this order.

    Bad Meets Evil
    Dr. Dre
    Snoop Dogg
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  6. Add C is for Cookie by the cookie monster.
    Because who doesn't like the cookie monster?
  7. :confused: You and I would go to war over control of the radio, were we in a car together.
    Let us be glad this is not the case, and can remain amiable to one another.
  8. I'm trying to configure the talking after the songs that people are requesting! For now just enjoy the music until I get it set up!
  9. Dire Straids:
    Sultans of Swing

    Artic Monkeys:
  10. For now there won't be any talking, as it crashes when I do. until this is figured out, keep sending in requests!
  11. Pop Anthem 2013- Mashup of 60+ Pop Songs
    Mashup 2013 #AnDyWuMUSICLAND
    DJ Dreamport Mashup-2014-our party
    Made in 2013
    DJ EarWorm Mashup-United State of Pop 2013
    Pop Danthology 2010-2012
  12. What... Was just listening to Journey Don't Stop Believen' and you changed it....

  13. Because he played it earlier.
  14. Oops! I played it a little before that but the radio crashed so when it got back up, it replayed songs already listened too :p
  15. Adding a LOT of songs to the radio. Hang in there while this transition takes place. Radio will stay up during this :)
  16. Bring on the Eminem :D very amazing
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  17. I bear you no ills, comrade.
    The same goes for Slim Shady, whom I represent in the Empire. His view on the matter can be heard on the second lyric of the skit 'Public Service Announcement' on The Marshall Mathers LP :)
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  18. :D
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  19. Dude, sounds awesome. Also (I probably wont leave you alone form now on), what software are you using, and what hardware? And the bigger question, will this be a 24-7 thing?