I would like some special EMC item pictures!

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  1. Title says it all. I have in game NBTEdit, so I create items from EMC to singleplayer.
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  2. This here is most of my promo collection I think. Special Items galore for you :p 2013-11-06_17.02.24.png 2013-11-06_17.02.37.png 2013-11-06_17.07.53.png 2013-11-06_17.07.55.png 2013-11-06_17.07.56.png 2013-11-06_17.07.58.png 2013-11-06_17.08.01.png 2013-11-06_17.08.02.png 2013-11-06_17.08.03.png 2013-11-06_17.08.06.png 2013-11-06_17.08.07.png 2013-11-06_17.08.08.png 2013-11-06_17.08.09.png 2013-11-06_17.02.24.png 2013-11-06_17.02.37.png 2013-11-06_17.07.53.png 2013-11-06_17.07.55.png

    I could not fit it all into the message, and I cannot remember the spoiler command :p Hopefully the rest of the files stay attached to the message and you can click them to see them. Hope this helped!

    Edit: Yep the photos that didnt get into the message are at the bottom, still a few may be missed though :p

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  3. The ones that were not in the last message or attached to the last message are here:
    2013-11-06_17.08.18.png 2013-11-06_17.08.19.png 2013-11-06_17.08.21.png 2013-11-06_17.08.26.png
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  4. WOAH! Thanks!
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  5. No problem...a few of them repeated themselves, sorry bout that
  6. It is wayyyyy ok.
    edit-What it that diamond ore in the chest???
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  7. My first ever diamond ore ;)
  8. What is the second chance book?
  9. It is a book given to banned players who were unbanned. Not worth too much but people do call it special. Of course, I did not get banned - I bought it :)
  10. Ahhh... I will get it. FOR FREE!
    Edit-Do you have a Momentus's Toothpick or a Marlaix's bow?
  11. i have like, 9 of those 2nd chance books
  12. 1. GL Bro.
    2. It's..... Marlix.......... There. is. no. a. there.
  13. What is "Instructions?"
    Also, are the wolf eggs Netherhounds, and are the roses Valentine's Roses? What are the heads? And how did you get so many EMC Rare Items!?
  14. Instructions I bought from after one of Aikars drop parties, the eggs are most certainly netherhounds, the roses are valentines roses yep, the ones with the red writing :) The heads are that of bonzd67, chickeneer and IcecreamCow, and well I have collected for about 100 days or so, bought almost all of them! I like collecting these things ;)
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  15. Woah! I wish I could be like you... but I am banned...