I wish my minecraft name was...

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by d1223m, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. shop.

    Thats all.
  2. I dont get it.
  3. He has a big shop on SMP3.
  4. Haha I think he means so you can be like /v shop !
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  5. Ooh. Er, clever... :)
  6. Haha lolz:) Only... I dont buy from the empire shop much, its expensive, and i lost about 1000 R since i didnt get the items from other players... Ouch.
  7. random so that everytime someone typed /v random it would lead to my res. Oh and I always wondered what would happen if someone named random joined the empire.
  8. Haha. For me, open, so they would have to come to me to get a res xD
  9. Open and random are just gonna be annoying for justin since he would have to edit the commands
  10. Nah more like they would have to edit their username ;)
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  11. Simple solution: Give "open" two residences.
    Force unclaim the first one
    Lower his / her Residence Limit to 1 again. :)
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  12. I want my username to beee..... Drum roll please!.........................Random! yep thats right what daegoo suggested Random im gonna be so popular! XD
  13. I saw someone with the username playermarket on a server today :)
  14. I wish my account was named something like that haha, the possibilities with that are endless :D
  15. Imagine a minecraft username "EmpireMinecraft" XD
  16. Where's my Credit card! I'll name myself "Empire Shop" :D If thats possible, then, whenever someone buys from empire shop, it all goes to me :D (not ): )
  17. I like my name the way it is.
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  18. I wish my name was C1080. :(
  19. You called?
  20. LOL! XD now how on earth? :0