I want my Money back!

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  1. I paid Ongkaisiang 10,000r to get in the Diamond Group
    So he would give me Diamonds Daily
    Then he quits the Diamond thing and does not
    Give OUR Money back other people Like
    Sammy_man88 agree! :mad:
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  2. Ongkaisiang does seem to have received quite a few large payments from various players, what is it exactly that he was providing in return for these payments?
  3. If I'm not wrong, they pay him to get into a "diamond group", and gets some diamond in return after awhile. (Not too entirely sure) Apparently, he has alot of diamond and gives them to those who joined his group.
  4. scammer alert! D:
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  5. I have talked to him at length and he said he has been telling everyone that it is a monthly package and to come get them but they have not showed up to claim them yet. This is happening on smp3 to my understanding.
    I suggest going to him the next time you see him and make sure you all understand the club. He says he has not closed anything so keep us posted.
  6. I could go undercover.. You know, I just suck at keeping my poker type...
  7. OMG ongk tryed to make me pay him 2000r to join his club mods i think you should bann him but first make him give the money back and he became a gold supporter so ijt is even more embarasing for him
  8. At the end of the day: caveat emptor

    If you lot are daft enough to give him that kind of money, well....

    10,000r would get you roughly 280 diamonds at the average selling rate. If more than one person joins this group, the person running it must obviously have a considerable amount of diamonds, be using illegitimate methods to find diamonds or more likely, has no intention of giving out diamonds in the first place.
  9. Actually, he asked me today in private chat if I could find sell him a few stacks of diamonds for 30k.

    I denied of course.
  10. I have warned about ong from day 1. The day I started on this server was the day he just got his res and asked me to help him. He asked me to provide him with several stacks of logs, which I did. He promised to pay me at the end. Once done, he told me to come back the next day. Ever since then he refused to pay me anything. I frankly could not care less and just brushed it off. He then invited me over to his place again and asked me to buy him two sheep for nothing in return. I obviously refused. I then caught him trying to get diamonds through illegitimate means (which I won't disclose here), which ultimately failed, to my knowledge. Then I heard about his diamond club. This guy is a scammer. He is the equivalent of the Nigerian Money Scammer, for Minecraft. Do yourselves all a favor and just stay away.

  11. actually, i was on one night when there was alot of fishyness revolving around this diamond group thing. I do beleive it to be a little shady, and the amounts change from player to player... there is no set amount.
  12. Exactly, he gets what he can out of you. A scammer doesn't care if you give them $100 or $1000. The price is what you want to lose.
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  13. I haven't heard of this on smp4.

    Keep alert guys
  14. Ongkaisiang has asked me to inform his 'members' that his 'diamond club' isn't closed for any reason, he has just relocated to smp5.
  15. Dear EMC Most Venerable Member,

    I am Ongkaisiang, a leading member of the EMC SMP VPB RTU Party and have had the mis-fortune of being caught in the middle of a political struggle in my home country.

    For my safety I need to relocate myself to SMP5 but due to laws of my country I cannot bring me the substantial Diamond deposit which is the only way I can feed and house the population of my country.
    It is therefore with heart that I to you come in order to ask assistance in so much as you can aid to enable me to bring the Diamonds across to SMP5 whereby they can be used for the good of greater of the population.

    I can send these Diamonds to anyone from another country or Res but cannot do this without first paying the release fee imposed upon us by our vicious dicatorship.

    I therefore most humbly ask the venerable Sir that if he is to pay into my government account the sum of 10,000r then I can use this money to pay for the release of the Diamonds into your care in a most urgent fashion which you can then send on to myself at SMP5 whereby I can use it to house and food the people there.

    Naturally, for yourself and the troubles taken there will be a payment of reward for one so just and I would ask that you retain a number of Diamonds for yourself and your help in the most troubling of times.

    Please send to me the sum of 10,000r immediately so we can begin this critical of missions as soon as quickly. Once the money is in the government account which is fully audited and controlled I will then send the diamonds on to you.

    Please do not tell anyone else of this arrangement between us as it may put my life in danger.

    Faithfully Sincerely,




    (This is a fabrication intended for humour and is in no way intended to slight or slander the person involved)
  16. he came online and asked to buy a stack of diamonds from me for 30k. i don't have a massive amount so i declined. he seemed pretty keen to buy them though. i think maybe this is not so much a scam as a not very well thought out money making idea. ie. it would have been better to have diamonds before selling them.
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  17. hey all my diamond group member pls listen cafully i am not a scammer and i hate scamming people i am going to tell youguys to come to smp5 to collect all you dimaodn package so pls dont misunderstand me
  18. iam buying all the dimaond is to prepare to give to you all but no one want to sell me
    so i am thinking of a way to buy dimaond quickly to give all my diamond group member
  19. so pls understand me :confused:
  20. hey everyone coem to 7421 in smp3 if got any problem i am staying there now