i think i was hacked, id like to reverse some transactions made by hacker

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  1. i just found out someone has hacked into my account used up 30 xp and used some 29,000 rupees that were hard earned id love it if someone were able to reverse the transaction :S
  2. they bought some diamonds bone meal and tnt with my money and it really sucks.......
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  3. Probably irreversible, but bring it up to the mods. Try to show some proof with your Rupee History, and maybe you'll get luck's good end :)
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  4. ty :)
    i dont know any of their name though :S
  5. Uhh.. You will see them online. Try look for the Names with the "Green" Colour
  6. i know but they arent :p and when they are i cant message them
  7. Or another way to find out the names of the Admins/Mods follow these steps : Click on Member > Look for a Orange bar > Click on Staffs

    I do hope that the transaction with be reversed.. Good Luck
  8. First, go to the rupees section and check how much money was lost total and exactly what was bought. That will help a lot more.

    And change your password!
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  9. What you need to do is make sure to get screenshots of the rupee history. Then go here http://empireminecraft.com/XenStaff/ and choose a staff member to bring it up to. Go to Information and choose Start a Conversation and post the screenshot in the Conversation and explain to them what happened. Also as Jay said, change your password.

    Not everyone's layout is still default Orange :)
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  10. The transaction responsible for your rupee loss was 64 tnt purchased from the Empire Shop for 29,721r.
    You weren't hacked however, this purchase was made when you were logged on from your regular location, so i would suspect a family member or friend who was at your house.
  11. That creeps me out.
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  12. Haha Staff seeing your IP and all that? It may be creepy but I'd rather them being able to see in case a legitimate hacker somehow got my stuff.
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  13. I was hacked to I have sent a pm in but nothing has happened :(
    I lost 90k
    I never share my pass words ever (except my mum :) she doesn't even know how to log onto minecraft)
  14. You weren't hacked, your rupee's were lost due to your playershop purchasing from others. You should always place a buffer in your expensive buy chests to prevent others from selling too much and draining your rupee's.

    EDIT: By buffer, i mean to almost fill the chest with an item not on the shop sign, and leave only a few slots available for purchasing from others.
  15. I did... He hacked to get in you cant get in there is a fence thing
  16. could it be reversed still? i mean even if it was a family member could it still be reversed, none of my family members could hack in, and i already have changed the password so it wont happen again the thing i need is the transaction reversed...
  17. Don't you love them enderpearls?
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  18. It is a
    building that is covered exept buy an iron door
  19. Apparently you can get through those with pearls
  20. No I found the issue it was a pair of doors on a balcony somehow open...
    Hopefully this guy will exept a refund :)