I think I accidentally killed someone in wastelands

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  1. I have a head in my inventory that I swear I killed a creeper it says Dennis3172_FTW's head but I cant seem to find a player by that name and nothing else dropped. I don't know for sure if I killed someone but if I did I am sooo sorry...
  2. It is impossible to directly kill somebody in the Empire. I am guessing that it was on the ground.
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  3. I don't know how you would kill someone, but I think that person was just running around in the wastelands with nothing in his inventory, he died, then his head dropped and you happened to find it.
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  4. You may keep it. If you really want to give it back to the player, you could always mail them their head.
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  5. I tried to search members and there was no one with that name...weird...
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  6. You did not kill this player. Just to confirm.

    The player does exist. but appears not to have signed up on forum yet.

    Just keep the head. :)

    To see player info in-game: /p [player]
    To mail that player: /mail to [player] [Title]
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  7. I have heard that when a player gets killed my a zombie (with a rare chance of dropping their head) the next person to kill that mob gets the head of the player...

    Idk lol
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  8. it would be so cool if the zombie put on the head :3
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  9. It is impossible to kill someone though, so don't worry :p
  10. I just stumbled upon this and thought I would say hi I'm Dennis3172_FTW
  11. I have had that happen, I thought it was a player at first and really startled me!
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  12. lol the owner to the head arrives :D
  13. When players die, there is a small chance the their head will drop upon death.
    So, I would guess and say chances are the player died around the area, and you just happen to find their head.

    I too have run across heads in the wilderness. Other players may have a funny story about me finding a player head in my early days...
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  14. Is this true? Is this all of EMC?

    So if I'm hanging out with someone in the wilderness and they're really bugging me and I'm like, "wow I'd really like to kill this guy" I can't?

    I was making a really cool pvp arena at my wilderness base. Is there any way for the mods to give perms to certain areas in the wilderness?

  15. Staff will not give permission for PvP in the wild. The only place where you can PvP is on smp6, at /v pvp.
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  16. No way to give perms in the wild for direct combat. It is still possible to 'kill' another player by creating a situation that contributes to their death such as making them fall or blowing them up with TNT or pouring lava next to them. All of those are punishable by banning if you are reported, so it's not a good idea to do. Now, if two players were willingly playing punchies pouring lava buckets at each other... they would only get banned if they reported it.

    Best to take the friendly PVP to smp6 where nobody can get angry and end up getting banned.
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  17. Something some friends and I did was build a darkroom around our spleef arena so that the people who lost then had to fight mobs before they could climb out of the pit. We weren't directly killing each other, but the fall and mobs raised the penalty for losing.
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