i think empire minecraft should be on Easy mode

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by gollark, May 5, 2013.

  1. I think this because I have seen lots of zombies and spiders in one place at daytime.I have also heard reports of lots of creepers in one place and lots of ghasts in one place.
  2. It is on easy mode....
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  3. Emc servers are currently on easy mode and we plan to put the difficulty on normal mode in the near-future.
  4. Exactly what I was going to say...
  5. We are on easy mode, but at the same time mob spawn rates have been increased by some Aikar magic/curse XD
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  6. It does seem that there is something wrong with spawn rates
  7. Yup. We're in easy, just Aikar messed with spawn rates because last year or so we had issues with mobs. People were using grinders so much that there weren't any mobs spawning anywhere else and stuff. So he increased the cap and tweaked it and mobs are just stupid now. I don't know if he can fix it. People keep talking about creepers spawning in broad daylight which they believe is a Mojang thing, and because village spawning has a case of the dumb, it's messing up iron farms. We just have to either be better prepared or not go out at all. :/
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  9. Does the tweek of mobs count on animals aswell?

    Last week I saw 20+ ocelots in one tiny area :confused:
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  10. There is a major glitch with Ocelots. But really, it isn't a huge deal. Kill'em!
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  11. I agree with gollark.One time I went to the nether and got shot off a cliff by a ghast in no time flat.And also if anyone finds stray ocelots please eggify them and give them too me(I will pay 5 K).But I also saw a ghast in protected zone?(Actually 2).
  12. Hostile mobs will spawn in protected zone but won't harm you or destroy blocks.
  13. I killed 80 at one point.
    The noise was driving me bonkers.....
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