I spilled water on my PC... What should I do?

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  1. I accidentally spilled water on the ground and some over-splash got on my PC (Specifically the USB area, but a few drops may have gotten into the fan areas), since I keep my PC on my floor. My PC automatically turned off immediately after it happened (I also pulled the power cord just in-case..) . There is no water in the inside (from what I see, but a drop or two may have went in), but I have a feeling one of the USB cables/ports may have shorted. My $2000 3D printer is also connected to my computer so yea... I dried the USB ports with a hair dryer and I am going to let my PC air dry for the next couple hours (Probably over-night so like 14 hours) and then I am going to try and turn it on again.

    It is a desktop PC, by the way.
    Any advice?
    I will update this thread once I turn it on again
  2. I spilled water on my laptop and it worked fine at first, but then the next day when I went to turn it on, it did nothing. Luckily it was my cheap one, so I just started using my notebook and this pc i am using now.
  3. My PC cost me $1800, so hopefully I don't have to buy another one, or go to a PC repair shop and spend $500...
  4. I spilled cream soda on my desk and it fell on top of my PC. I was so close to spilling the entire can onto the graphics card. I was lucky enough of to hit the can hard enough to knock it away when it was falling.
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  5. Fill a bag full of rice out PC in your all good
  6. You think it may have got in right? If so then try and check for any wetness around the USB hole if its wet the try tilting the computer on it side to see if anything drips out. Then, turn on the computer. If it doesn't turn on then go to a professional... My dad told me how to do this when it happened to me... (He has experience in building computers and how to solve computer problems).

    Hopefully this helps in some way... sorry if it doesn't...
  7. my advice would be not to spill water on your pc
  8. Keep your important electronics away from the floor and use coasters :)
    but seriously, hope you have some kind of warranty to protect against possible damage.
  9. I dropped my phone in the toilet once, I put it in a bag of dry rice and it was fine the next day
  10. I would clean the water up...
  11. Get an external cover for your PC, they prevent anything from getting to the important parts of your PC, especially liquids. If you have decent fans you should be fine if you use them.
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  12. I will probably move my computer off of the floor after this :p

    My PC was custom built by CyberPowerPC like 3 years ago, so no warranty, sadly..
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  13. You might want to change out the usb ports to be on the safe side if you know how.
  14. That's why I avoid having liquids near my PC
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  15. Spent like 4k on mine 2 years ago, i keep it 2' off the ground. I also have a second slightly lower table/end stand next to where I sit for food and drinks away from where the PC is.

    Hope yours has no issues,
  16. You should not have used a hair dryer. It could have heated up the VRMs and/or capacitors which aren't generally cooled that well, and even then the PC was on so you didn't have active cooling. The hair dryer was probably a horrible idea.

    Moving on, if you really care about your PC, take every single component out individually and put each of them into a bag of rice (not together). Take off your CPU heatsink, clean up the thermal paste, and apply new thermal paste. Take out every single cable within the PC and insert them into a bag of rice. Leave them for 3-5 days. After that, take them all out and put them somewhere where you can spin a fan onto them (NOT a hair dryer, an actual fan).

    The fact that it turned off automatically is a sign something vital shorted. I highly recommend you do not attempt to power on your PC at all until you do everything I just said. Chances are if water actually touched any component, unless you're very lucky that they didn't bridge any PCB traces, the component will have shorted and then died.

    Also, you shouldn't run your PC directly on the floor anyway unless you have hardwood flooring. The bottom of most PCs is usually the intake for the power supply, and having that be carpet is awful for it. If your power supply is taking up 'carpet air', it could overheat or even depending on the filtration in your case take in some hair or other particles which has the possibility of killing it. Try to get some sort of platform or hardwood flooring to set your PC on.

    CyberPowerPC I doubt would take it back anyways even if it was under warranty. They are not a boutique PC builder and more of a bridge between buying some HP piece of crap and building your own. It does have the advantage of getting better part choices than say HP or Dell would (like seriously Dell, an i7-4790 and a GT 620 in the same system? You're high) however they would not service your PC at all or cover it from accidents. Building your own is always better but it is a better option for those who don't want to build their own for whatever reason they have. But realistically I wouldn't look toward the company that built your PC to cover you from mistakes. The only thing that would is some form of insurance and most electronic insurers are either the place you bought it or another company that only insure very popular phones and things like that.

    You should consider yourself lucky if you come out of that with anything like a dead USB port. The fact that the PC turned off is a sign something more important shorted. Good luck.
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  17. If you need a new PC get one with a wireless keyboard and mouse. I have one and it is fine when I spill water on it.
  18. Not the point lol

    + nothing stops you from using a wireless keyboard + mouse with any PC.

    There also aren't any mechanical keyboards (except for like one, and it sucks) that are wireless. Mechanical > rubber membrane
  19. Google: Pour as much water as you can off the surface of the laptop. Use paper towels or lint-free cloth and cotton swabs to clean and dry the laptop, battery, and any removable parts or peripherals. Don't use a hairdryer or a microwave; it can melt your hardware.

    http://www.makeuseof.com/answers/laptop-wet-turn/ : If a device gets wet, you should immediately turn off power, unplug it, and take out the battery. The water can create a circuit where there should not be, causing damage to the device. The device may be at least partially broken (the motherboard may be damaged, but not the hard drive for example). You can still try what you normally would went a device gets wet. As before, disable any power, dry it off the best you can, and put it in a large bag with dry rice. Rice eagerly absorbs water and is a good “poor man’s” method to get the moisture out of something. Leave it in there for at least a day. If you are comfortable, disassemble the laptop and gently dab any moisture you see on the inside. If it still doesn’t work, take out your hard drive, and hook it up to a hard drive dock (or attach it inside a regular desktop computer. Copy all of the valuable contents of your hard drive over to the drive. Make sure the drive is big enough to hold the contents. You can can do a full bit image of the entire drive if you’d like. That would allow you to copy all of your data over to a new hard drive in an identical computer.
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