I screwed up 2 :[

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Do you hate me?

Yes 7 vote(s) 17.9%
No 32 vote(s) 82.1%
  1. Guys you are going to be extremely mad at me and i wont be surprised if i get temp banned for this but once again i was at big Davies spawner on utopia and i broke the exact same piece of glass and i have no armor and i am basically screwed if i go back onto the server so once again i'm asking if someone can go to big Davies spawner on utopia and clear out the blazes. I will give 20 pieces of glass and 1k in return. I am extremely sorry about this and am thinking about just making my own spawner because i don't EVER want to post another thread about this again. I would be very grateful to whoever can help me with this.
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  2. Thank you for admitting this, and you shouldnt get banned for *accidentally* breaking *one* piece of glass at a blaze spawner :) Im sure Bigdavie will be understanding
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  3. Maybe replace the glass with obsidian this time. (Obviously joking)
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  4. BigDavie shall have fun torturing you.... i mean helping you :3
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  5. Your poll is a bit extreme…we won't hate you for accidentally messing up…sure, some people might get upset, but we forgive you because you admitted it and apologized. :)
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  6. Yet again... I read this as "I was at BigDavies Blaze Grinder, but this time I broke the spawner"
  7. Why would anyone hate you for an accident??? :)
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  8. *cough*Says the guy who pressed Yes on the poll…*cough*
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  9. I was just trolling :p
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  10. :rolleyes:
    Back on topic…
  11. Lol :D
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  12. A bump for some help
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  13. forgot to refresh
    The poll was more for fun but if you do hate me then it's prouboubobaly because of a reasonable reason and i don't really care.
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  14. I applaud you for admitting an accident, but I don't see why anyone would be mad at you. I wouldn't be mad at you. :)
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  15. Cchiarell6914, I'm sure was just kidding. As he does troll alot.
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  16. Yes, I do troll a lot.
    I promise you I was just joking... I don't hate you, in fact, I look up to you :D
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  17. I just giggled reading this. If it was an accident then why would you be banned? Also posting it public lets everyone see, even BigDavie. Just explain what happened and I doubt BigDavie is gonna use the ban hammer. All the times I've talked to him he's been really nice. Maybe someone can help you clear it out and place another piece of glass. As long as it wasn't something like we had at an LLO grinder where someone afk'd and spawned way over the mob limit and IcC had to step in.
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  18. I've fixed it.
    If you are getting so much lag from the blazes that you are unaware where you are hitting I suggest only running the grinder with a couple of blazes at a time.
  19. See? I don't see "RAWR YOU ARE BANNED!" in there at all :)