I remember when....

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  1. I remember when JustinGuy replied to my Introduce Yourself thread (my first thread).
    I remember when I ate my first Five Guys bacon cheeseburger.

    What do you remember?
    Post results below.
  2. I can remember many tragic things that happened in my life that I do not wish to share
  3. *Instantly thinks of this song*

    But I remember when I first ran. I remember my first comic I wrote. I still use him for my doodles. How dark the path has goneā€¦
  4. I remember my first moments in Emc.
    to be honest, I had no idea what it would develop in to :)
    Also, I remember when Justin was here to stop crazy idea such as vault in wild and flying on utopia :p
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  5. I remember bump
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  6. It's midnight for me, and after seeing that picture I want nothing more than to drive to the five guys near my house.




    I remember when I first joined I made the crappiest building ever, and then Justin logged in and asked why I was demoted from Moderator and I had to explain that was my brother and I lacked the creativity of a better name
  7. Your welcome
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  8. I remember my first weeks on EMC. I went through a nether portal and came out on this incredibly beautiful town in the wild. There was also a beautiful wooden ship on the sea. I remember that while I was touring around some other guy with 10 flint and steels started setting it all on fire. I tried to put it out, but he was very persistent. He then killed me.

    I remember the first time I used the /report function . . .
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  9. i remember when i ran 3x faster than my friend
    i remember when i light someone on fire with 10 flint n steel
    the guy was persistant he wanted to live. i then killed him.

    I remember the first time someone used the /report function on me...
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  10. I remmebr when when I could spell remember.
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  11. I remember when,
    I remember, I remember when
    I lost my mind!
    There was something so pleasant about that plaaace
    Even your emotions had an echo, and so much space!

    LOL ok, I remember when I was 11 and was so scared about browsing the Internet in the first PC my dad bought, felt the tickles in the stomach and all. Also my first online game when I was 18 and how great it was going on adventure with friendly strangers :p
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  12. My life is nothing but dead memories and regrets.
  13. I remember when I was around 1 year old.

    It's really odd seeing nobody remembers but, I remember about 5 seconds of that.

    I was in some baby cage (Don't know name in English) while my mother was cleaning the side walk while some dogs my mother had walked around.
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  14. I remember when |amSaj created a thread called "I remember when...."

    yes, that's about as far back as i can remember
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  15. I remember when you could sell dirt stacks for .01 rupees. Yes, the decimal point is supposed to be there.
  16. I remember when I always used to play on Minecraft Classic servers.
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  17. I can remember arenas! and severs were always 35/30 xD
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  18. I can remember when someone walked me to my first lot.

    I can remember when I found out redstone wasn't worth more that diamonds.

    I remember when EMC's shop was about a 12x6 building XD
  19. I remember when I found out making your prices half of the ones at /shop still wasn't a good price.
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  20. I remember when I first joined EMC and made my first rupee off of selling a seed.
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