I really would like some close friends!

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  1. Good Afternoon Empire Minecraft.

    It Seems my close friends have abandoned me.
    This is a posibility! They may come back... but that probably won't happen.

    Things I Like

    These are the things I like, but close friends... you know just happen... and like the same things

    - The Wilderness
    - Empire Minecraft
    - Minecraft in General
    - Conversing
    - Spelling and math
    - being deep in thought


    Aspirations are how you kind of..how you are in general.

    - Nerd Brain
    - Bookworm
    - thinking outside the box

    I really like friends! :p And I need more! I'm really lonely! :p
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  2. A personals column on EMC. I like that. :p
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  3. Ill be your friend :D
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  4. Cole all of Carthaga is you freind!!!!!!!
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  5. ill be your friend man
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  6. You can't just say that..
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  7. Try starting a project with someone, nothing bonds 2 people like dealing with with each other for a long time. I would suggest an overworld gold farm.
  8. wow i can really realate to you colepuncher i would love to have a intelegent friend like you and i love maths and spelling but i dont spell well in minecraft :d
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  9. I meant I can really relate to you and we pretty much have the same intrest. I also would like to have more friends in minecraft that like the same stuff as me
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  10. lol thanks for correcting me XD
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  11. Sorry to be that guy but aspirations are future goals (ambitions, hopes, etc.)
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  12. I want to have a friends that likes to be deep in though!
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  13. I don't think you're supposed to make a thread to search for close friends :confused:
    You don't search for a close friend, you just stumble across her/him and get closer and closer, it's a process.
    I think you should just keep on making threads, posting on other people's threads and profiles, and eventually starting a private conversation with people you're really growing towards to.
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  14. :O EXACTLY me! Whoa!!! Everything you described matches me!!! :O
  15. I think that we could very easily get to know each other. It seems as though we both like the same things, just like other players here.
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  16. NO!
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