I really HATE the vanilla Minecraft Laucher

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  1. I have recently seen discussions of what is a better launcher out there for my Minecraft game. Don't remember where I saw them and a quick look around sees that they aren't an active thread right now.


    I remember Prism as being a favored launcher and I like what I see when I read it's 'about' page. But being ready to take the plunge, I hit the download button. My plunge landed me into an ice bath... there are more options than I know what to do with. Help?

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  2. Knowing someone will ask about my specs, I copy these from the About (i) section and have removed those items I don't believe you need or are personal. So what else do I need to know to figure out what Prism to download and use? (and crap!! I need more RAM. Guess I will ask Santa)

    Edition Windows 10 Home
    Version xxxxx
    Installed onβ€Ž1/β€Ž18/β€Ž2023
    OS build xxxxxxx
    Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19058.1000.0

    Device name xxxxx
    ProcessorIntel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU xxxxx
    Installed RAM5.00 GB
    Device IDxxxxxx
    Product IDxxxxxx
    System type64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
    Pen and touchNo pen or touch input is available for this display
  3. this?

    To me there's only one option, as you said you have Win10, take the Win10 installer.
    Unless you want to make it portable (i.e. stay on a USB stick).
  4. what's the Win10 ARM installer about?
    and the zip files listed below those 4 options with the advanced install zip files
    and then the community maintained packages for ... something
  5. Installer (.exe). Keeps things simple and installs the launcher as a program on Windows so it will be recognized as such.

    Ignore ARM (x64), as they do not apply to you. If things do not work, as the website says above the download links, you "may" have to install the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2022 x64 package. I cannot say whether you have that already or not, since I know Microsoft is a bit interesting when it comes to updates and you could already have it, but you'll know if you need it! (Prism won't open)
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  6. So when I read the entire page I overdid it and should have stopped before the community involved non-guaranteed builds.
    Not the first time I have over-read things.

    Thanks Fred and Joy.
  7. I have used MultiMC forever. It makes having multiple accounts sooo much easier, and having different profiles with different mods is super easy (which is all but impossible with the default launcher in my experience).
    I know there's a fork of multiMC that people like better (is that what prism is?) but I haven't tried it.
  8. Yes, Prism is a fork of MultiMC. It typically updates faster and has more features, primarily because it has a larger leadership team with more diverse ideas. For some context on why Prism was created, MultiMC is only run by a single person, who is known for being rather unsavory in his interactions with the modded community. (If you want more details, feel free to message me, but it's not anything appropriate to bring up publicly on EMC. I myself was involved with the creation of Prism, so I have significant context.)
  9. I timed it at 11 minutes last time I fired it up.
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  10. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    Does nobody talk to mojang about this?? I mean, are they not aware how poor this is....

    Reminds me of Windows....
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  11. Mojang (or at least their customer support) are fully aware that their account migration process was completely borked for my main account, which has existed since 2010, and pretty much shrugged it off. Then, in January 2023, knowing that people had problems with the migration process like I did, fairly abruptly cut off support for account migration and fried access to my main account - a product I paid for, used it as my playground during my late childhood and teenage years, and had loyally supported for thirteen years.

    They also most definitely know that their community is intensely critical of them. I'm constantly getting TikToks with hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions, of likes that are dedicated solely to calling Mojang lazy and accusing them of not caring about their product. Their community managers and outreach people have to be seeing these too. I know they consult with the mod and server add-on development community occasionally and choose to ignore complaints they have about how the game works - I distinctly remember developers like Aikar mopping up messes they'd made with server-side stuff, making the code freely available on GitHub, directing Mojang developers to it and having them openly acknowledge the issues, yet most of those issues still exist ten years later.

    It makes sense from a business perspective. You made the bestselling game of all time, the people who grew up playing it are now all in their 20s and you can capitalise on their nostalgia with licensing and by selling Realms subscriptions to them when they have a two week Minecraft phase with their friends, and it's a timeless and fun game where children can unleash their creativity - parents are going to be buying this game for their kids for a long time. In 2041, Minecraft will be available to my kids simply because I know how good it is for keeping a twelve year old occupied and stimulated on a Saturday while mum is out for coffee with her friends and dad is sat in his recliner, reading his latest Spider-Man comic in peace. There's simply no money in fixing problems Java Edition players aged over 18 are having.
  12. That comment about Windows rekindles my hatred for Windows. Even 3rd party browsers load a bit slower on Windows than on Linux. I'm constantly reminded of how horrible Windows is when I go to work and I have to deal with the annoyances that Microsoft forces upon you.

    Back to the subject matter, you are right! Though I think you'd probably have to converse with Microsoft since I'm convinced that the launcher changes were to bring Java up to "visual parity" with the Bedrock Launcher. Nobody asked for it, but Microsoft made it happen. At least I'm quite certain they're behind it. I could be wrong though.
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