I Need Some Tips On Finding And Killing Bosses

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Whats The Easiest Boss

Momo 8 vote(s) 100.0%
Marlix 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Sorgina 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Eyender 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Enraged Pigmen That Come Out Of Nowhere 0 vote(s) 0.0%
  1. So I find that when I try to kill a boss I just die with god armor, and when I wan't to actually find a boss they are never there can you buys leave some tips with me in the comments. I have no clue what to do to kill/find them lol. Thanks and have a great rest of your day! :D
  2. Source: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/tutorial-afk-enraged-shulker-farm.80244/

    The boss mobs spawn much less frequently than enraged mobs, but the exact timers are currently unknown to players. In order for a boss to spawn, the location must satisfy the Vanilla MC requirements for common hostile mob spawning. Additionally, the spawn block needs to have sky-access directly above it. This prevents EMC's bosses from spawning indoors and inside caves.

    * Because the server replaces Vanilla hostile mob spawns for enraged/boss mobs, Momentus and enraged ghasts can spawn inside blocks and start to suffocate. However, they will not drop any custom loot if they die to these cases.

    * Eyender can also spawn in The End, the same way endermen do.

    Tips on Combating EMC Bosses

    Momentus - is very resilient to ranged attacks, making melee combat ideal. His guardians are weak to the Smite enchantment, but not Momo himself. Momentus and his guardians will try to avoid water. After being aggravated, Momo will teleport to land the moment he touches water.

    Marlix - flies on an invisible bat that moves pseudo-randomly. While aggravated, Marlix will approach towards the player if they are too far away and occasionally warp them to the boss. Both he and his guardians are weak to Smite. However, Marlix takes greatly reduced damage from melee attacks and his armor has thorns to retaliate. Therefore, ranged combat is ideal.

    Sorgina - attempts to stay outside of melee-range by running away, throwing potions, and summoning black guardian cats. However, melee combat is the best option to taking down Sorgina, as she can replenish her health very quickly. Drink milk to cure the poison and weakness effects she inflicts onto you.
    Instead of killing Sorgina's guardians, try to trap them. Sorgina will not summon more cats if they are at least two of them alive near you.

    Eyender - is perhaps the hardest of these four bosses on EMC. He constantly teleports on top of the player, inflicting massive damage and shredding their armor, even if they are underwater. Unlike regular endermen, Eyender does not take damage from water.
    I honestly do not know if it is possible to avoid Eyender's assaults...:( I have tried to stand in and around water which only works as temporary protection from his guardians. Eyender will periodically warp players to a random location near him.
    Without using the crystal pearls from killing his guardians, Eyender will take reduced damage.

  3. If you are having trouble with mob spawns you may want to make sure spawns are on for you in your player settings. Also, if you find that the bosses you face are too difficult, you may adjust the difficulty of mobs using the player settings. Both can be changed under the survival section. Hope this helps!
  4. Side note: enraged mobs that drown don't drop anything. Found this out and forgot to tell everyone in my other threads.
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