I need mods and admins help

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  1. We'll guys I'm making a staff aperication center and I need all admins and mods help so if your wondering how do I help see its simple donate your head and tell me what block you want it to be on I know it's so simple so come help me out mods and admins it's so simple and it's on smp 9 res 18047 thank you
  2. Don't most staff heads sell for a pretty penny ?
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  3. Mine sells for 300k. :)

    But I will 'loan' my head to a ready built area if it's awesome. :) You get the head when the build is complete. Most of these plans don't make it to completion for various reasons. So lets see it.

    loan = You may display the head any way you choose. You may not sell or trade the head. When it is no longer needed, it will be returned to me.

    Or you can buy it and do anything you like with it.
    (I just really hate obtaining my head lol)
  4. Thank you it may be a while considering the entrance is nearly done
  5. NZScruffy would you like to help build it?
  6. I've already gotten myself involved in too many projects. So I don't really have the time sorry. :)
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  7. To buy my head directly from me it is 75k. When you buy it, you may do whatever you'd like with it: trade it, sell it, display it, store it, horde it. It's yours so it's your choice!

    However I may donate my head to you for a museum, however if this is the case you may not sell it or trade it. If you're done displaying it you must return the head to me.
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  8. The front is about done so if ya wanna come and see it come on and look
  9. As you may already know, my head is not for sale. However, it can be obtained at events so be on the lookout. I am still deciding on the block.
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  10. every day it,s getting better i love :D
  11. I feel bad for saying this but... periods are very useful for ending sentences.
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  12. I feel bad for saying this... but I say full stops
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