I need help

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  1. Well sometimes I hate my life any advice?
  2. just keep pushing though, you should get a break soon.
  3. Untill when?
  4. However long you need to :) trust me, your break will come.
  5. You think so?
  6. It takes a while and the bottom sometimes never seems to end. But you have to look at little things, they will turn for you in a good in positive way, if you think that way. It takes time, but overall it will come.
  7. Everything has A high and a low, you have to hope that the highs are longer than the lows. What is going around will come back around just the waiting for it is something to look forward too.
  8. That's not very good adviceā€¦

    Focus on the positives if your life. Don't dwell on the past, or what others think of you. Focus on how much better you could be, but not make you hate yourself. Focus on stuff you like, and enjoy rather than hating what you've done and such. :)
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  9. I know so :) Just hang in there, bud..
  10. Don't hate your life.There is much ahead to look forward too.
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  11. *Throws Enchanted Diamond Sword in lava accidentally* *Dies 20 times* VERY SAD IN LIFE. *Finds 47 Diamonds and 50 Lvls of Xp* Life is just like that! :). Just hang on, it'll get better. Here is a quite inspirational song:
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  12. I need more help
  13. Just remember. Things can always get better.
  14. Hang in there, that's all you can do. Immerse yourself in things that interest you, like reading good books and learning about different things.
  15. I don't say this to much but,

    ARE YOU CRAZY!!?!!!?!?!?!
  16. I feel like that 99.9% of the time. I have found that thinking about nice things and how this will get better helps... a little bit, atleast. Sometimes I think it's just down to hormones, but deep down I know it's because of the bullying i've recieved my entire life, and my confidence and emotional issues.
  17. Yes, why do you ask?
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  18. I don't like to read allot
  19. I never said you had to read books. I simply said "Immerse yourself in things that interest you."
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  20. normally i just bottle my issues up inside. then at school, someone messes with me, they get the crap beat outta them :p