I need help with my skin.

Discussion in 'Artists' Gallery' started by Unidnt, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Just walk backwards for the rest of your life. :p

    Just kidding. I'll try to fix whatever you did. Brb
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  2. Thanks! get the glasses the right transparency please!
  3. No transparency on skins allowed, last time I checked. ;)
  4. On the hat layer now you can.
  5. Color of glasses?
  6. white i can do the transparency
  7. You done yet?
  8. Thanks, but one problem. all transparency on the hat layer is gone! I mean the empty areas on the hat layer are white!
    But i will give you 1,500 r for your help!(i'm fixing the trasparency issue btw)
  9. I apologize and no payment wanted nor needed. :)