I need help with my skin

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by MysteriousKiri, Jan 3, 2016.

  1. As you all may know, I used to be pretty good at making skins. Well, now I suck. Lol. I need someone to put a big Pikachu hoodie overlay on it, cause I failed when I did it. 5 times. lol. Please tell me and I'll email you the skin. Thanks! Your friend, Pikachukid213.
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  2. can u set a download file for your current skin ? i think i can do it
  3. Orr just upload the skin to imgur and then copy the link address and post it here...
  4. i don't care it isn't my main email i only have junk on there
  5. Emailing is quite the bad idea as I *think* it is against emc rules and can usually reveal the players full name, and having an e-mail can lead to severe hacking :/
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  6. it isn't my normal email i just made it also i got hacked once by doing that with my main account so i make new 1s all the time
  7. Same thing, e-mails lead to hackers tracking down you IP, so gg to you ;)
  8. don't worry
  9. like magic :D it is gone
  10. When you get hacked don't come crawling to me because i'll say "I told you so" and do /dnd, and leave or delete any of your messages saying you were hacked :)
  11. gg to you for lying.
  12. lol, no it isn't, this post? Number 4?
    Still has you e-mail on it :)
  13. got the skin ? want me to only do the head? the rest seems pretty good
  14. shy refresh the page
  15. I sent you the email with the skin, just delete the overlay and make the hoodie from scratch. I want it on the overlay please ;)
    Make the hood similar to mine and my picture
  16. Now it's gone :p
  17. Btw guys, my new username is PikachuKidKiri
  18. Progress?
  19. Know what, let's do a competition. I'll give the winner 1k rupees. http://imgur.com/bfpHohd
    Keep the hood similar to that skin and my profile picture, but completely remove the overlay and remake it. Pikachu hoodie.