I need Help, MY MC wont work

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Ice_Lightning99, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. so pretty much when i click on the MC icon on my desktop nothing happens, i get the little loading circle... then nothing. Can anyone help me out, I dont want to miss out on much more than i already have.
  2. You have to re-install java
  3. Did it work?
  4. im reinstalling atm
  5. Okay, tell me if it works
  6. ok so when i tried to re-install java it said that The installer can not continue under the current internet connection setting
  7. You possibly have something screening your internet access?

    New firewall? or virus protection?

    Also, you shouldn't need to update/reinstall java. you should try empty java cache though. and reinstall a fresh Minecraft. (most java exceptions are due to bad minecraft files)
  8. i had to re install java I had the exact same problem once
  9. Are you using Windows 8?
  10. When the launcher doesn't even start there is maybe something wrong with it. You tried reinstalling it?
  11. definatly your security settings
  12. I see you are currently receiving help. Can you please post this in the Empire Help & Support thread next time.
    Thank you :)
  13. do you still need help?
  14. yes im using windows 8