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  1. No staff on smp6 HELP!!! please
  2. Umm u should pbly pm a mod not post a thread in the forums..
  3. If there is an issue, please don't create a thread. It is unnecessary spam. Instead, report the player causing an issue, or PM a staff member online on another server or the website.
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  4. Now they are trying to kill us
  5. I did PM staff, no reply
  6. Come on guys, he is having players causing him mayhem right now, and he can't get assistance. I think he is allowed to do this.

  7. Well, Aikar and Scruffy are on now, so I hope everything is now under control. What was going on?
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  8. Staff will often take time to respond. They are only human.
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  10. Okay, krysyy caught the two. Both banned. Glad it worked out. Next time, I would recommend using /report, or searching for staff with /who smp#.
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  11. I watched on Live Map as ArtemisV popped on and they left. If you need a screenshot Dresden, let me know.

    On a side note, an Iron farm that close to an outpost is going to be a constant trouble magnet for you as has already become pretty obvious. Let me know if you guys want help moving it farther out.
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