I need Computer help :P

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  1. Ok. Heres the problem I can't connect to any servers at ALL! I just need help on how to fix this problem. Here is a video sorda like the problem I have. Whatever I do it won't fix the problem. Please help! :confused:

  2. Oh geez....that happened to my best friend and WE couldn't fix it...maybe someone else can..
  3. it could be your firewall
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  4. While in the Windows desktop press: Win-R (so windows button followed by r) and in the command line window type the following: ping play.emc.gs.

    It should look something like this:

    If you get time-outs or errors such as "host not found" or similar then that could be a good hint as to what's causing all this.
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  5. I did that and it kept saying request timed out but what would I need to change?
  6. Thats the other problem is... what do we need to change on the firewall or whatever it is
  7. If you get time-outs but the IP addresss ("") does show then it does indeed look as if there's something blocking you. However.. Unless it seems likely that unless someone changed your Windows firewall the actually blocking isn't being done on your computer.

    The default setting for Windows is to allow outgoing "ping request" (like I've shown above).

    Still, an easy to check is to use that same Win-R combination which I mentioned above. But this time, instead of using ping you'd now enter: firewall.cpl. From there you should be able to change your settings but unfortunately I cannot say for sure what the best action is. It depends on your environment.

    For example; you could try turning the firewall off and then trying to quickly use ping again. But depending on your environment this could be a potentially dangerous thing to do because a firewall is kept in place to protect your PC. If you're at home and behind an Internet router then the risk should be minimal. But if you're in a public space, like a dormitory, then I'd strongly recommend to not even consider trying to turn the firewall off.

    Hope this can give you some ideas.
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  8. it says
    Pinging play.emc.gs [] with 32 bytes of data
    Request timed out
    Request timed out

    and so on then it just closes it