I need an EMC Job

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  1. Heys the title says it all I need a job in the forums or in game its just been so boring for me in game and in the forums im not trying to dis this but i need something to keep me doing something
  2. I will pay you 8k for everyone dc of regular unhardend clay blocks you bring me
  3. do you pay for coloured clay too?
  4. I am talking about the gray clay not hardened clay. Sorry i dont want hard clay
  5. Have you ever considered trying to build for aesthetics?
    Minecraft is primarily a building game; they're various blocks to chose from to build with. What you build doesn't have to be functional, even for Survival Mode.

    In the past, I did a building guide thread series to educate EMC players. You can find the list of threads under my following thread:


    If you're interested in the advanced building techniques I provided, I suggest starting out in a singleplayer world in Creative Mode.
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  6. We have been building several public utilities on smp8. These are volunteer group projects though, not paid jobs. Not sure if you're looking for rupees or just to relieve boredom.

    So far we've made 3 public grinders, a public nether farm, and we are days away from being done a public guardian farm. It's been a blast working in a big group on these projects. :)

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  7. I need a lot of building materials for my build will you be willing to get materials?
  8. I buy all 4 main log types at (/v +stew) on smp2.