I messed up something with optifine.

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  1. Hi all,

    I was updating my optifine to the latest version of h5. I downloaded it, ran the .jar file and it said it was successfully installed. However if I try to play the profile and log onto emc, I login, then it immediately crashes. I tried going back to older versions of optifine and now they all crash in the same fashion. I have no idea what the heck could have happened from trying to install what seems to be a simple update. But here I am asking for help on it. I looked to see if my java is up to date and it is. Below is what comes up when it crashes.

  2. Also I'd like to note if I run minecraft with no mods, it's fine. When I just run Optifine, crash.
  3. Back up your saves and screenshots and reinstall Minecraft.
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  4. Ah I guess the old adage, if it breaks, turn it off and turn it back on again? Worth trying. Thanks! If anyone else has ideas feel free to post. Ill post how it goes when I can try wither's idea.
  5. How does one back up saves?
  6. Go to your .minecraft folder and copy the saves folder to another location. Do the same thing with your screenshots folder.
  7. Thanks!
    I used google photos for screenshots XD
  8. All you had to do was drag the folder out of the game's directory, but that should work, anyway. :p
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  9. Well now it's in the cloud, safe from my computer destroying hands :). Let's see how a mega reset fixes things, after I throw the saves into google drive.
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  10. .......uninstalling minecraft I bet means more than just uninstalling the launcher?
  11. Uninstalling the launcher didn't do anything
  12. Just don't get optifine
  13. Navigate to your .minecraft file and delete it.
  14. You have to take the entire .minecraft folder and delete it. Go to the folder looking icon (is there a name for it besides library or my computer?) and click on "System (C:)." From there, go into the "Program Files" folder and look for the "Minecraft" folder. If you delete the entire Minecraft folder and reinstall Minecraft, it SHOULD work. This happened to me too once, so I think I remember how to do it...either that or I might be entirely wrong :D

    Oh, and make sure you do that whole MC setup wizard thing.
  15. I'm on a borderline computer I need it )_). I didn't delete the minecraft folder though lol. So I'll try that and try to redownload/install
  16. Why? Optifine is great for FPS boosting.
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  17. Okay I deleted it, and had to relogin to minecraft and redownload 1.8.8. Still crashes.
  18. Type in %appdata% into the Windows search bar, press enter, and then delete the folder called ".minecraft"

    After you do that, reinstall Minecraft.
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  19. Sorry if I wasn't very concise.