I made the longest note block song ever made. [78,000 Notes, 38 minutes long]

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  1. I made this out of boredom, took a few months.

    I wonder what it would look like if this was built in EMC? How many rupees for all the notes? :p

    Feedback? is it tooooo long? :p
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  2. Sounds great, you should build a mini version on EMC
  3. Loool very nice
  4. Wow, that's a lot of effort. Good job! :)
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  5. Dude... You win.... Absolutely win.. Build this?
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  6. Wow. Just wow.
  7. That is astounding. Some very talented people on this server.
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  8. This is amazing!
  9. Something I have been wondering: did you make it from scratch or mostly by importing midi's?
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  10. Loved it from the start. I would suggest building something similar on emc :D
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  11. You don't understand the amount of space, redstone repeaters, and note blocks needed for a 1:50 song let alone a half hour noteblock song. What Shinko did should be left in the file of .nbs

    Overall great creativity!
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  12. no, i do understand this. That is why people are suggesting making a smaller version.
  13. Do this Touhou song next...
  14. could probably fit this on a utopia res or 2 xD.
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  15. oh my gosh this is absolutely amazing! Great work man!
  16. Dang, that's insane. I don't think you you could build this on emc, unless you did it in the wild with a minecart track so the sound won't go to far away.
  17. You can only import 1 midi for 1 song.

    I used MIDI for the percussion, that was a bunch of patterns linked together (and to help keep time when referencing note pitch and timing). Even if it wasn't entirely from scratch, it took a hella long time.
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  18. This makes me think of another minecraft server that has a full soundtrack composed for their server, which happens to be an custom-built RPG adventure map in vanilla. The music plays as you walk around on said server. :)
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  19. That's really cool!
    In my opinion, music is one of the most important aspects of a game, in some cases even above gameplay, and especially in RPG's it's really important.
    It's unfortunate most Minecraft custom maps lack proper sound design.