I made a thing...

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  1. I will check this out when I'm online again (assuming I don't forget these things like I always do :p).

    But from what I've read/seen, it looks amazing :)
  2. Ah a ocean monument those are quiet fun.
    From experience it does get easier to find the elder guardians, and drain the inside.

    Nice thread I do love what you farm looks like ;)
  3. Do u want assistance making it an Automatic Storage collection because I've done a few of these myself and it appears that you have done a lot of work on your own and have the same headache i did from doing it =P
  4. Nice coorisnar! I haven't been up there to look at it but the pictures look great!
  5. Thanks for the offer, but I think it's good. Transport and sorting for what I need is already setup and working fine. Hit me up IG and I'll give you a tour to show you.
  6. That is awesome!
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  7. Awesome pictures and that is one awesome project! Thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed myself here and I'm actually a little envious :) Naah, nothing too seriously but I love what you did with the designs up there. And designing and decorating are not my best trades on Minecraft (though I'm slowly getting there).

    Redstone and more technical stuff on the other hand poses little problems for me (depending on the situation of course) but designing...
  8. Coorisnar the new inside ceiling is amazing, I love it! :) Your gonna have to take me to see the view you spoke of as it punches through. :) You've put in some long hours again, wow! Can't wait to see the full finished product, all though I'm sure it's a ways off by the sound of it. Great job! I can't imagine where you get the good creative juices from, but it's nice to see you enjoy building... it really does show in your details. :D