I just noticed something...

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  1. I was looking at the forums today, and saw something.
    Normal, right?
    Take a closer look.
    Anyone notice it yet?
    How about now?
    And if you still can't see it...

    *insert it's happening gif here*
    *insert hype train memes here*
  2. So does this mean EMC is 1.8 or is almost there?
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  3. Im sorry sir, but im gonna have to confiscate those 1.6M rupees. Please make payment asap.
  4. well transformers: age of extinction is a great movie :p
    and dang 1.8 is coming :p
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  5. It means that EMC's developers are focusing on updating to 1.8 instead of making small updates. I'm guessing their configuring their plugins and add-ons to cooperate with 1.8's code, in turn everything would be normal, also might mean that they've just thought about working on it and depending whether or not they're on Aikar time or not, then 1.8 should be reaching us soon.
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  6. Prismarine hype ^_^
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  7. I see Dan-ball.jp :p
  8. ALL BOARD THE HYPE TRAIN *toot* *toot*
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  9. Stick ranger is love, stick ranger is life :3
  10. Yayyy!!! Sea Lanterns are coming!!!! Banners, too
  11. I was aware of the priority change yesterday, and it's good for me. It has been 7-month+ extra wait for this update to come, longer than I've ever waited for a Minecraft server. I don't think Mojang and EMC's Staff wanted us to wait as long as we did for 1.8, but a lot of obstacles slowed them down unexpectedly. ;)

    Hopefully, Mojang has learned lessons over what they've done in 2014.
  12. To be honest, I completely forgot we were still trying to update to 1.8 after all this time.
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  13. Its not Mojang anymore. Its Microjang. :(
    Or Mosoft...
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  14. So, the wall of death was fixed?
  15. Do you know what would help Aikar with his 1.8 updating?

    Spamming his inbox and profile wall.
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  16. And I have to confiscate Your ruppe payment as well asap XD
  17. The first thing I noticed was the, well, *large* amount of rupees you have.

    Please people PLEASE stooooooooop saying this kinda stuff.
    Jeb is still here, and so is the rest of the dev team for mojang. It's just an ownership thing. It's not like Nadella is developing 1.8 or anything. It's just that Notch sold it because he no longer wanted the responsibility. He wasn't developing minecraft anyway. I know this is off topic but ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
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