I just need to say this...

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  1. Dear all of EMC. Even staff!

    I have been reading things in game and on the forms
    The drama over stuff
    People being rude to one another
    Staff not allowing people to post 'Good Bye' Threads
    Why I ask? Why is it we fight with another player? Why is it someone is not aloud to
    say good bye to other EMC players? I don't want to create drama but I thing I might need to to stop it. It's annoying to see drama, yes I know this is going to create some drama but its better to tell you than to keep it in.


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  2. Goodbye threads are now actually allowed, as long as they are peaceful and do not try to create drama. I actually think all the drama in the past has settled down quite a lot, I haven't come across much drama lately. :)
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  3. Tells you how much I look at stuff like that XD
  4. I was just about to mention this, haha. I really like EMC's decision on letting them now.

    Like Jake_Bagby said, there hasn't actually been that much drama lately. Some of the threads that you saw that had drama might have been from months ago.
  5. Still drama is in the way for me...
  6. Wolff*

    I havent seen many incidents of drama recently, and we have made changes on the server such as goodbye threads allowed. Please message me if youd like to talk about these incdents and try to resolve them.

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  7. Just saying its Wolff with two F's. And its okay but just a little annoying.
  8. Kephras made a great thread about this some time ago :)
    I think things have settled down though, for me I don't see as much drama any more.
  9. Message me the details. Drama has cooled off on the Empire and I would love to help alleviate it in your situation if possible
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  10. What really causes drama is correcting grammar.
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