I have hostages.

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  1. Good evening IceCreamCow and Chickeneer, I am pleased to announce that I have some "friends" of yours. If you dont want them to die a painful death, you will pay me 1,000,000 rupees. You only have 10 days to pay me. -SkyDragonv8
  2. /report SkyDragonv8 Captured ICC and Chickener friends and demanding 1 million rupees to release them.
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  3. lol I don't think they're going to be too worried about those... You need to add their suits to your collection :p
  4. Really?! How serious can people get nowadays?
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  5. How is this possible? IcecreamCow suffocated in my cow pin yesterday while visiting his family on death row.
  6. Yeah, hostages. Whatever. These are a weekly occurrence at this point. The hostage business just isn't what it used to be.
  7. You want 1 million rupees yet you probably only payed 10r for the eggs. :p
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  8. Yeah, good luck with that.
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  9. Extremely serious. Hostages is extremely serious.
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  10. Another crisis in the Empire.....
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  11. Yawn. Not like I can help them... I would if I could.
  12. Can i pay you the ransom to KILL the chicken?
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  13. I believe you meant, "BAN BAN BANNNNN." No?
  14. Nope.
  15. Let's start a fund to help release the hostages. I can chip in 20r
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  16. I chip in 1r, I'm sure will we get there eventually :p
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  17. If you turn them into a chicken sandwich and an angus beef shroom & swiss sandwich chickeneer and ICC might pay double for them...just saying
  18. This is a very drastic situation. We need to start a fund to save their friends.