i have created death from somting as simpel as asking

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  1. she dit die in total 3 times drowning
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  2. AnonWontReturn
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  3. if she dind return that wut be sad
  4. becouse than i cant kill her again and she probely need tho chance her name tho
  5. Well then. o.(o)
    I am curious as to what proceeded this. :p
  6. i shall tell you a story 607 it was a normal day like normal rilly normal i dit some blowing up villeges and stuf some torchering and a bright idea pop up in my head i make long tunle and make anon walk in it and it despece pumking on her head that she needs tho die but that dind work and then we walked out and i asked nicely can you put on the pumking or carved pumking and than basicly the picture
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  7. Ah, it had Curse of Binding?
  8. yes and i asked can u put it on im so inesent