I have an Idea er for a lone thing on EMC

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  1. I need r on EMC But I don't have any thing to sell so i thought Of a Lone idea were Non Supporter Will be able to lone out 1000 Rupees and pay it off with Daily Bonuses Any Iron Supporters Will be able to lone out 2500r and Gold 5000r And Diamond 7500r And They Will all pay it off with Daily Bonuses and you could do a command like /pay loan 1000 and then It will pay off 1000 Rupess of it,
  2. Your a Gold supporter. Don't buy anything for like 10 days bam you have 7k
  3. Do you mean loan?
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  4. if so you could probobly just take a loan from a player
  5. I say no, as ruppes should be given to those who earn them
  6. This actually sounds like a pretty good idea, one problem though, What if the person doesn't log in ever again therefore not paying you back with their daily bonuses?
  7. Build a stone generator, get a pick axe, mine the stone until you get a DC then auction it...
  8. I don't get the point of this. No one needs rupees in such a hurry that they cannot wait to get them through daily bonuses, if you need it for an auction, bad luck, you should have saved earlier, but loaning would bring so much trouble and scamming. Just... nope.
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  9. Problem: Not enough rupees.
    To person low on rupees Alert Level: RED: EVACUATE THE PREMISES GUYS LIKE OMG.
    To everyone else: CODE GREEN, nothing to see here.


    I can fix this, if you click these links, you get rupees:
    It's like MAGIC or something!

    I'm sorry but not everyone has 1000r to just give out to everyone and their grandmother.
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  10. This is the reason america is in debt.... xD just saying
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  11. I would start to argue with you here and now, but the thread would really get off topic.
  12. Don't. We don't need trolls.
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  13. lol Part the reason america is in debt is because banks give out loans no one pays them etc its not just the governments fault but most of it is.

    But yeah it would be kinda cool to do a loan rupees thing on emc the only problem is there is a whole lot of ways around it such as ppl not logging in etc... or they run their loan up so much its like 100000000000000 rupees and just banning them is pointless because you still lose the money.
  14. If there was a loan system where the server auto takes money from you and gives it to some other people, than yea this would be a great idea.
  15. Loans are not allowed on EMC. 'ts in the rules.
  16. wow this Thread Really got off Topic and yeah i see why its a bad idea
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  17. I believe that if someone has a proven track record on projects, has been on EMC for a long period of time, and has a plan for the money, they should be able to get a loan.
  18. a few reason why this wouldnt work.

    1. Cant trust people to pay off the loans " causing to many issues for mod on top of their big load already"
    2. if a auto system were set up t support this it would be one of the lowest objectives and IMO not worth putting forth the effort

    3. rupees are easy to make find a shop that buys stuff, farm and sell it to them simple? Many player like myself set up public facilities where you can make as much or as little rupees as you want to a extent
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  19. If I may comment something, I think a lot more could be done in Minecraft if servers had more means with which to punish for breaking the rules than a ban. That would allow the issue of trust and other issues to be solved.
  20. Solutions to not having any money on EMC:

    1. Chop wood, sell to 10199 on SMP5
    2. Shear wool, sell to 10199 on SMP5
    3. Dig cobble and stone, sell to 10199 on SMP5
    4. Dig sand, sell to 10199 on SMP5
    5. Mine for Ores, sell to 10199 on SMP5
    6. etc,etc,etc
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