I have a soulbound torch

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  1. Was walking in the wild, I saw a turkey so I went to kill it. There was a torch in the little hole the turkey was in so I broke the torch and killed the turkey.

    After I killed the turkey I opened my invent to clear out my crap. I pressed Q on the torch, and I got the soulbound message. The torch has a soulbound tag, no lies. Is this a rare drop? Or a bug?
    2014-12-01_16.27.20.png 2014-12-01_16.27.30.png
  2. LOL, you get them from the tutorial -not rare :)
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  3. Ohh xD
    thought I was rich :p
    just old QQ
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  4. I don't believe this a rarity, although I may be incorrect.
  5. Oh, didn't load the page sorry!
  6. Not a bug. Just a hug.
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  7. <3
    after this I will kill more of your cousins chickeneer
  8. These are from the second tutorial and third tutorial - I don't presume you obtain them anymore since the release of the fourth tutorial ... a 'lot' of people have already placed them, destroyed them, or stored them....but I don't believe you can obtain them anymore since the items you get from new tutorial are completely different now.
  9. Actually they still drop (I think, of course I could have picked this up in the barren wastelands somehow). Even so, behold my most precious possessions, safely tucked away in my Chest of Endar:

    I know its officially a chest of ender, my version sounds more dramatic ;)

    And well, I've only been on for a few days :)
  10. Did you also get things like soulbound bread? I believe those also existed.
  11. <burp>, say what? ;)

    ok, ok, sorry; I really don't remember that part. When I just left the tutorial I wasn't even fully aware what soulbound meant ;)
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