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  1. So I was travelling to the Sunstreak Islands (took me more than 1 hour) and I reached the outpost.
    2013-04-14_20.45.34.png 2013-04-14_20.45.45.png 2013-04-14_20.49.30.png 2013-04-14_20.49.36.png 2013-04-14_20.50.33.png
    I entered the volcano and suddenly, a creeper falls from above and explodes killing me instantly.

    Can someone help me get there again please?

  2. Cool Skin
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  3. What server is this on?
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  4. Smp4
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  5. You should of took the nether route, Only takes about 10 minutes and is actually very safe.
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  6. I don't know where it is
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  7. I can escort you there if needs be, If you have rei's minimap I can give you co-ords for the tunnel.
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  8. I don't have Rei's Minimap...
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  9. Gee why not divide the cords for the islands by 8 then go that way in the nether??
  10. ???
  11. 1 block in nether is 8 in overworld that's why you divide by 8...
  12. I don't understand!
  13. Sometimes I wonder if experienced players are more noobish than noobs.
  14. Yeah, the mountain is a bit, um, full of creepers falling from the roof. But yeah, the nether route is good, but kind of hard to get to.
  15. Rude much?
  16. Dud ur so dumb liek a newborn lama >:U
  17. It's not that hard to get to :p
  18. I think I explained well enough..
    And you can't even spell.
  19. If you take the coords from the overworld and devide it by 8 and then go to the nether and find the coords that you just got and make a portal there it will take you to the overworld where you first got the coords :D
  20. ur so rud im guna cry!!!1 :(

    Oh, it's like Oblivion?
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