I guess this is goodbye

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am leaving EMC. I always wished I could stay longer and continue to watch the empire grow but unfortunately I can't. It is because of the smack of real life. In about a week I will be starting school again. Please do not put any "well then why don't you play during school like everyone else?" because I am probably in a different situation then most you. I would rather not go into detail about it but I'll tell you it's a tough one. So, please do not ask. I guess I just love the Empire and the community too much that I can't keep away from it. In the end, I suppose it is for the best.

    I will miss all of you. I made tons of friends here that I would come on for no reason then just chat with them about random stuff. Justinguy and Icecreamcow keep up the good work with the Empire. You guys have done so much for the community and for the Empire and I thank and salute you for that. All the moderators, you too are the reason the Empire is #1 and without you the Empire wouldn't be what it is now and I thank you for that.

    I hope to return next summer when hopefully things have cleared up a bit. Please no one ask for any of my rupees or stuff because I have already given it away. My last sign in will be after tomorrow on smp2 by the way.

    Long live the Empire,
  2. Noooooooooooooo!

    I will miss your donationz :p

    Wheres the sign in in the smp/ utopia?

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  3. I edited in
  4. Yay! Smp2!!
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  5. Goodbye and good luck Ninja, you'll be missed :)
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  6. Bye I will miss you on smp2
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  7. Good bye, and good luck with real life :)
    We'll be waiting with arms open for you, Ninja.

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  8. What time tomorrow
  9. Goodbye and enjoy life and heres a song for this
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  10. Goodbye, we will miss you. :(
    That is 'The sound of Music', right?
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  11. Bye Bye Ninja Farewell wishing the best in the future
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  12. Yes it is i know someone would ask or tell. Got from the Tube seems like this is a Local production don't where but seem like they put alot time to it , and back the whats On-Topic. Good Luck in life ninja and be safe;)
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