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    Is the first thing I heard when I turned on my television. I watched Dr. who, and I already forget the names. I watched season 7 episode 1, and it was pretty awesome. I am going to try to watch more tomorrow, anything to help me understand it? Thanks.
  2. Congrats on becoming a Whovian.

    But you may want to watch some of the previous episodes as well and the most current one so you don't become confused as the series progresses.
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  3. ... What?
  4. That's what Doctor Who fans are called.
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  5. Well then.... Call me a whovian. All I know is that 2013 is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who and that the tenth doctor is played by Matt Smith. So... Yeah. I got some gaps in my info.
  6. Don't start with Season 7.
    You will be so lost.
    Best Case: Start with Season 1 of the modern series, but if you don't want to you can probably start with Season 5(Matt Smith) and be good.

    Tenth is David Tennant.
    Eleventh (Current) is Matt.
  7. I am farrrrrr more than confused. I am beyond confused. I forget the names of the robots... So I googled it. Daleks. Lol, need to learn some more. Due to the fact I'm in America, I can't see it on TV really so I am watching it on demand... It only has season seven.
  8. Well, it is on BBC America, if you get that channel.
    Otherwise you can try Netflix or Hulu.
  9. Lol... I have neither. Idk what channel BBC is either... I'll look tomorrow or something.
  10. Well, what television provider do you have?
  11. Comcast
  12. Yup. The British are cool like that.
  13. David Tennant FTW
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  14. i have comcast BBC is 114 and there were some episodes on earlier i actually started watching end of the past summer and i started with i think Vampires in Venice
  15. David Tennant is such an AWESOME Doctor...he even comes in pony form....

    (I apologize i simply had to post this :D )
  16. lol. Are those 'angels' in the background?
  17. You are correct.....what would those be called in pony form........ Weeping Pegasi? :eek:
  18. that would make sense
    What ever you do, Do Not BLINK!!!!:confused:
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