I found some armor in the Wild North. Was it yours?

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  1. I hope this might be the correct place to post this, if not please let me know.
    Anyway... I found someones armor and stuff out in the wild north. Dreacon78, was on and was kind enough to go check the site to see if it was possible to find out who it was. Turns out that the stuff had been there a long time before I got there and and loaded the chunks (that's my best guess at tech stuff :p). Well, I made a chest and locked it for the person to get when & if they return. It wasn't too far from spawn. I will have to come back and add the cords later. If you can tell me what the armor/sword is then you may have it free and clear.
    smp1, wild north -8872 , 65 , 1190 (xyz)
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  2. Might want to add a server. :)
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  3. Hmm. That's weird.
  4. I am just saying, this could be from over a year ago :p

    I've had items that stayed for.. a long time..
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  5. Is it good armor? If it was a bunch of iron gear I would probably chuck it if I were you.

    Also, what server was it on?
  6. If you found the items on the ground, it's free game, however it's better if you return it.
    If you found the items in a chest, it's stealing and you did the right thing to set up a chest for the person who lost it.
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  7. A staff member can help you with this and tell you exactly whose armor it is.
  8. I commend you on going out of your way to try and and get this person their stuff back. :D
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  9. I'm not up-to-date with the current moderators. The list keeps changing :p
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  10. Thanks BlackKnight. :)
    The armor isn't the best ever but it's not the worst. It may have been their fav.. idk. I guess I should have been more explicit when saying that I found it.. you don't know me so you don't know that I would never take anyone stuff from a chest.... it was just sitting there and I didn't want it to despawn. This happened once before while talking with a mod about how to get it back to the owner :( so this time i just stuck it in a chest, locked it, grabbed the cords and talked to the first mod that came on. Dreacon78 was very nice and helpful. :D
    Anywho, here's the the location info again (I edited & added it to the top)
    smp1 wild north -8872 , 65 , 1190 (xyz)
  11. She_wolf9178 recently died and wants her items back. Maybe ask her :)
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  12. As I said at the beginning . Anyone who can tell me what the armor and sword were are welcome to it. Please have the player contact me either here or in a conversation. :)
  13. ok. I'll try xD
  14. I don't know if it's mine. Was the armor a P4U3 diamond chest and pants?
    If not, it wasn't mine, but thanks for doing the right thing :)
  15. No, sorry Qwerty. :(
  16. ITS MINE
  17. Jk i wish