I found a wild aikar.

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  1. [Pokemon starting theme song commence]
    A wild Aikar appeared!
    Electrobomb sends out nick!

    Nick uses scare!
    Aikar dodges!

    Aikar uses code!
    It's super effective!
    Nick uses EMC plead!

    Aikar doesn't listen!
    Aikar uses wait a thousand years to finish his coding sessions

    It's super effective!
    Nick has fainted!
    Electrobomb is out of usable pokemon!
    Electrobomb blacks out!
  2. Lol nick is just watching you...
  3. Wow, nick... Jou look just so... Real? Lol, your player is standing like in a minecraft animation.
  4. You're missing a couple things...
    I had to, I just couldn't help myself.
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