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  1. Apparently, Inuyasha1204 is Steven7485

  2. And I don't believe it is necessary to use caps like that....
  3. They're very likely trolling, I know them both (and have seen the humans behind both) as separate people.
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  4. Shhhhhh ;)
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  5. -_-
    Thank you kev with your potentially correct comment that I can almost understand
  6. He told me >.<
  7. But I am still confused
  8. L0tad is my account for trolling.
  9. Wait what.
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  10. OrigamiJoe, JackBiggin, AlexChance, and Erosego are all my alts.. Along with many others. :D;)
  11. My main doesn't lie.
  12. I'm actually Crazy1080 alt but many memebers on smp2 know this.
  13. I am BobTheTomato9798 but not many people know that.
  14. My alts are IceCreamCow and Justinguy But shhh!
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  15. Like Me and Heyaroo? :D
  16. my alt is god and slender man and notch
  17. Kurundu is my main, really . .
  18. Crazy1080 and i are technically the same person.....
    So am I his alt or is he mine?
    The answer. YES!
  19. thCAMHQCPN.jpg
  20. So you made the suicide joke? ._.