I Could Update Your EMC Promotional Video

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  1. Yesterday, I was taking a look at some of the structures people built and I thought it would be pretty cool to do a demo reel of some EMC creations. I naturally gravitate towards that stuff because I'm a video editor and love showcasing crazy awesome things. :)

    I also saw your EMC Promotional Video and realized that it's sort of out of date and thought maybe I could update it for you all. :D I could include a little bit of motion graphics in there too.

    Of course I understand that there are a lot of reasons against this and that's totally okay. Regardless, I'll probably make a creation showcase on my channel just for fun!

    EDIT: I would need fly permissions for a small amount of time if it were to be the promotional video. Feel free to ban me if I abused it. :) (I'm probably wishful thinking).
  2. Try the mod WorldDownloader and you can create part of the video in SP. Just download the area you want to use. Seems like a better shot then getting SS powers :p
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  3. Wow, didn't know that, thank you so much!
  4. Yeah staff wouldn't be able to give you flying, but do what Kloned said ;p
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  5. Sorry if I sounded a bit greedy :p I'll post another link when I have the video finished
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  6. Cant wait to see it!!! :)
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  7. Same!
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  8. Just create it, if you want staff in it, perhaps ask them, and share it!
    It might get used once! :)
  9. 1080P 60FPS Plez :> teehee
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  10. Deal. :)
    Also, does anyone know of any astonishing reses that should be in the video?
  11. Good luck 007

    Moneypenny here LOL

    Anyway, 007 jokes aside. Good luck on the promotional video! I'll tell you when I get a momentus and marlix to spawn in! I will also run around tutorial and also show off the voter's items as well!
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  12. Feel free to look at my 2nd
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  13. I wouldn't mind if you checking out my residences on smp1 2882, 2883, 164, 163 on smp1 for your promotional video!

    There is a large statue for you to see :)
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  14. 523, 627, 628, 524

    The best-looking residences on the Empire.
    You can explore it by going to 522, exiting, then turning left.
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  15. Don't forget regular people can fly in utopia. You could do some recording while flying there.
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  16. Always enjoy creative work on EMC. Keep up the good ideas.
  17. Just got done capturing that entire area. That's incredible.
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  18. I'm saving that place for when I get an elytra.
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