I cant place a block on my res

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  1. For some reason I cant place a block on this one specific spot on my res, the coords are 468, 87, -843.
    Here's a picture
    I've tried all I can think of, please help if you can.
  2. What are you trying to place?
  3. under the sand
  4. How is the sand floating?
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  5. Hm, I think the floating sand may have something to do with it :p
  6. Rename sand ;)
  7. I placed the sand 1 block above the block where I couldnt place anything and it jsut floated there. When I placed the block 2 above the spot I cant place anything it fell and it looked normal but I can walk right through it and I cant place anything on it. 2015-05-16_12.12.39.png 2015-05-16_12.12.19.png
    also there is another one next to this one which is to the right of the water, that's why the water is not flowing
  8. Aikar Magic in the works.
  9. I wonder if this has anything to do with that head bug where their data was being stored in the wrong location...
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  10. So... maybe you have special meta air block? lol. I will hop on in a couple and look.
  11. Thanks!
  12. For the record. It was piston arms
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  13. Thanks for fixing it Chickeneer!
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  14. So #BlameAikar or #BlameMojang?
  15. Defo. Mojango
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  16. So #BlameAikar then.