I can't build on my own res

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by Flufftaro, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Hi, I claimed res next to my friend, and now it's mine, but I can't do anything there even after /res default. Please someone help me?
  2. This should never happen...

    If you are the owner of the residence, then try this command.

    /res pset Flufftaro admin t

    That should allow you to build. If it still doesn't work, Click Here to message senior staff about the issue.
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  3. If you do /home, does it teleport you to that res? Maybe you didnt claim it properly. If you did, what is the res number (check it with /res info), so I can take a look?
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  4. So I also did a quick peeking; is it possible that you force-claimed this new residence?

    Reason I ask is because I recall coming across a similar issue where someone had force-claimed a residence, he had been charged 5k rupees and got a confirmation message (if I recall correctly) however the residence still had the name of the previous owner mentioned.

    Alas; did some checking (you're on 16365 on smp8) but can't see anything out of the ordinary. Your account is mentioned as the owner of the residence, so yah; if you can't build there and/or remove blocks (placing/removing are two separate entities combined into one flag) then you should indeed contact staff about it.
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  5. I have manually given you perms, please check and see if you can do things now.
  6. Thanks everyone. I just tried /res pset Flufftaro admin t, but still...I can dig, but can't place any block :(
    No, I didn't force claim...no one owned the res when I claimed...
    So strange :(
    When I come out and in the res, it says "Welcome to Flufftaro's res"...
  7. I am logging in to fix the problem momentarily :)
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  8. That would not have done anything since they were the owner...
    I messed with the residence a bit. Let us know if it works for you now.
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  9. Thank you all!! Now I can place block and build on my own res :)
    So happy now.
  10. I'm very curious about the what the problem was now :p
  11. When the residence was reclaimed; something went wrong and did not finish the process. Just an extra safety net we put into residences recently. Not EXACTLY certain what happened though. Good idea though.
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