I Came Up With a Tower that Allows Fast and Efficient Travel Via Elytras

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  1. http://imgur.com/a/qkm6W

    I came up with this really simple design, and am working on a plan to roll it out throughout the Empire. It should allow vastly easier travel through the Wilderness. You can move 10,000 blocks in less than 10 minutes. They are very cheap and easily-repaired.

    Questions? Comments?
  2. Very cool! Now.. how to get Elytra.
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  3. That is a question only the gods mods can answer.
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  4. Sounds cool. I'd be interested in helping in some way ;)
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  5. I'm working on an updated version that goes much further, but requires more TNT - A cheap wasteland system?
  6. Great idea! However, it opens the door to griefers to have easier access to outposts far from spawn. This however, should be lessened if perhaps Elytras were made a voting reward (unbreakable & soulbound would be FANTASTIC!;);)). People obtaining Elytras may be inevitable if 1.9 ever actually comes out but the likelyhood of griefers buying or taking the time to obtain them would be pretty slim, I think.
  7. I thought about this while I was making it, but my theory is that griefers just will not be much of a problem.

    First, most griefers (AFAIK) fall into two categories: Actual griefers that like destroying stuff, and new players that think it's like a factions server. Either is probably not privy to how EMC works. They probably won't have enough money for an Elytra, or have looked on the forums to see where the towers are, or where the far-out bases are. I just checked a defunct town I used to be part of on the edge of the reset zone and it's still fine.
  8. So I just made a new version, it uses 3x the TNT and has a range of about 9k (to y=60). That means a skeleton system could be set up in the waste for very, very little money. It would probably end up cutting the costs of non-farmable items quite a bit. However, it uses so much TNT that I'm not sure it's going to work well on the Empire.
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  9. Question: what the heck is "the reset zone"?
  10. The reset zone is an area in the wilderness that can be reset.

    It is boxed below in a yellow box on the live map. The chances of the reset zone resetting depends on the condition of it. :)

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  11. Whoops! Looks like I used the wrong term. I mean that faint circle around the spawn/outposts that looks like it was reset awhile ago. Sorry.
  12. Thanks Ulti ! I was wondering what that yellow line on the map was for. It makes sense to be able to clear or "reset" that area.
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  13. I'm thinking of starting and organization to work on planning, funding, building, and maintaining a transport system based on these. Thoughts?
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  14. I don't get it, you launch yourself in the sky then walk foward in mid air very high in the sky to travel? What happens when you finally go down ?
  15. There's a new item in 1.9 called an elytra, it's basically a glider. This tower launches you very high in the sky so you can fly really far with one.
  16. oh bruh 1.9 ... nice thinking then lol
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  17. Yeah, bump.
  18. Should probably bump? I've been working on a more detailed proposal. You'll see.

    ... YOU'LL ALL SEE!