I am still alive xD - Support New Players

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  1. Hello All!
    I am back and am still alive xD!!! :D I have a new residence (Ill check soon :p), and I am more serious than ever on supporting new players. I am planning on building a sort of hub for new players, and asking some of my friends to come on and find new players to support across all servers. I recently befriended a guy called YoBenji. He's a new player on the server, and I told him and showed him some commands and tricks to get started (we also defeated Momentus together xD). I really love that feeling of helping and guiding new players, and especially befriending them! (so we can defeat boss mobs together with explosions and stuff like a Michael Bay movie xD). But in all seriousness, I am now serious (xD used serious twice) on helping new players, because they are the lifeblood of our community, and I believe Empire Minecraft is all about a loving and caring community that can have fun with new players.

    P.S. I cant seem to find my residential status anywhere on the forums... do I have to go ingame or...? (Another reason to support new players, because even old players can learn from new ones after they go out and get started, because people like me can still be noobs :p)

    - ChalkPanda
  2. You do indeed have to go in-game to find your residential status.

    Welcome back, then :p
  3. Welcome back to the empire!
  4. We can have fun with new players? Cool, I'll get the TNT! :D ok, ok, ok, that came out totally wrong ;)

    Welcome back to the Empire and I hope you're going to enjoy it here. Can't wait to see what you guys are going to come up with :)
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  5. Welcome back! If you need anything please ask. :)
  6. Im not sure what you had in mind... I was considering a friendly conversation and some fun mob hunting.... but TNT is fun too xD
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