I am quitting EMC Forever :(

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by 621op, May 24, 2012.

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  1. Hello im 621op and i am quitting EMC.So i can focus on school more and find jobs.My journey here has ended i saw emc grow a lot since i started.This will always be the best mine craft server ever and i wish this server to have the best of luck and keep growing all my rupees will be going to SephirothWS.I will continue to look at the forums every once in a while.So this is my last post ever on EMC thank you for being the awesomest server there to be and my wish of luck to everyone.
  2. is there anyway i could have some of the stuff you have acquired
  3. from all your times while playing
  4. The guys a member for 4 months and the first post in response to his leaving is a grab for his things... Not cool!

    Good luck man! This game can be addicting so when it does conflict with grades/jobs its time to give it up! Maybe you'll be back (who knows!). Good luck and see ya next time.
  5. See ya mate D:
  6. Good luck with the rest!
  7. Yea not cool man, beggars are looked down Upon
    Anyways later 6210op come back when RL isn't as heavy as right now for you Good Luck
  8. I didn"t mean to try to beg for his stuff, if you guys are judging me bye the "hey" post I was trying to see if he was still on, and it would give him an alert, so I wasn't begging I was asking.
    I didn" go please give me your stuff please please please
    I said is there any way I was along kindly
  9. I'd expect someone of your refined age to have a bit more punctuation.
  10. Asking kindly sorry
  11. I was trying to ask kindly and try to type rather quickly.
  12. Good luck 621op.
  13. If I was 47 I'd be rushing to get things done also. After that many years, one probably wants to accomplish much before it is to late.
  14. Very true.
    How is that punctuation for you?
  15. OMG u thief pay me my 12,000 rupees that you owe me bro you cant just not pay me we had a deal and the moderator says you have to pay me so what happened to all those rupees you owe me
  16. Big money hustla.
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  17. yeah this kid cant do deals for crap he cant even stand up to his word omg ive been talking to a moderator about this and its been like a week to two weeks and still no payment from 621op
  18. Banana power.
  19. Goodbye 621op. I'm sorry I could never answer that question you kept asking me to your satisfaction. Alas, I may never know whether you were the 24 year old you said you were, or the 12 year old little brother you said kept pm'ing me, or the 22 year old your profile says you are.

    If you ever come back and restart your diamond shop, please don't forget my order of 50 diamond blocks and 10 armor sets.
Thread Status:
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