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  1. come check it out and feel free to donate!

    it will have tons of redstone games and other minigames such as Flint. go to /v 1980 to check out the games so far!
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  2. What's flint?
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  3. go there to see :)
  4. U said people who pay / Loan money will get it back do u back this with any insurance if not I will hold u to your word as I invested14 k into this
  5. Where does he say this?
  6. Does this mean your unbanned? I missed you buddy! ^-^
  7. You are also missing some info on your Boards (Link to a Gambling Help Site, as stated on the rules)
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  8. He had sign on his res
  9. Well legally he is not allowed to take loans. AKA he can take them but there is no guarantee of you ever getting them back.
  10. he never said any of that
  11. you're u kidding me .... ;-; that isn't cool not to tel someone that
    I am doing my own project and I just wanted to help u should have told me if it is possible for u to pay it back pls do if u don't I will have to get staff involved
  12. There was nothing wrong with what he said.
    It was made clear in the rules that staff will not take any action on people who decide to give or receive loans. You should've better read the rules before donating rupees.
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  13. You must have your game approved before you can advertise/run it. Message a moderator asking them to unlock this thread once this is done. See this thread for the regulations and requirements.

    Also, a note on investments/loans:
    This means staff will not be involved in ongoing loans. However:
    This means said loans cannot be advertised
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.