I am back.

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  1. Hello, I'm Soybeen. I've been playing on EMC since three months after the first server was created, back in mid-late 2011.

    Many months ago I was permabanned for using a speed mod to hastily redeem a broken Vault/Treasure Slip. I've only just recently sent an appeal, and I will be unbanned in less than twelve hours.

    I hope to come back and reclaim my position in the community as the public wheat guy, who grows farms to feed the community.

    I also have donation sessions every day or so, where I throw away everything I haven't used during that day, whether it's produce, iron, or even diamonds in some cases.

    I enjoy spending my time building farms. If you ever need a free hunk of bread, some melon slices, or a cute looking Jack-O'-Lantern, just stop by my soon-t0-be residence. I will help you out.

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  2. Welcome back :)
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  3. Yep. Congrats on being unbanned!

  4. Perhaps, I've been around a while.
    You seem familiar too.
  5. Haha!
    That old thing. I don't like looking at it.
  6. Just to be clear, I wasn't laughing at that thread or you, but how he hid it with greytext in that post.
  7. Right.
    Yeah I've seen that done before, kinda neat.
  8. If you have been let back on, the staff obviously had a good reason, which is good enough for me. The best thing about being able to look back at mistakes is that you can look at it and always know what not to do again (everyone makes mistakes) :)
  9. Welcome back! :)